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Announce Your Engagement

Once you’ve gotten over the initial excitement of getting engaged, you’ll need to tell your friends and family. In the past, a lot of couples announced their engagement by buying an ad in their local newspaper. It was an efficient way to spread the news quickly. However, if you’re willing to take the road less traveled, you can add a bit of creativity to your announcement. Below, we’ll give you 4 innovative ways to announce your new status as soon-to-be-married.

#1 – Plan A Surprise Party

If you and your partner can keep a secret, organize a get-together at which you surprise your guests with the news of your engagement. If you host parties frequently, this can be an ideal way to get the word out. Your closest friends will be accustomed to your hosting get-togethers and won’t have any idea about the announcement. Whether you reserve a private room at a posh local restaurant or host it at home, a little champagne with your exciting news can pave the way for a fun evening.

#2 – Start An Engagement Blog

A blog can be a great way to keep your family and friends informed about your engagement. It’s also an ideal tool for detailing your plans for your upcoming wedding. Not only can you use it to announce your new status, your blog can also provide a chronological account of the entire planning process. You can post pictures that show you and your fiance traveling together, or your bridesmaids helping out with the wedding details. Plus, everyone in your network can meet each other through leaving comments and responding to each other on your blog.

#3 – Create An Online Photo Album

Armed with a digital camera, you can capture memorable moments throughout your engagement and post them online. Websites such as Flickr and Shutterfly will let you upload your pictures and use them to create an attractive slideshow. Include photos of your fiance’s proposal, places you’re visiting together before the wedding, and other activities. Your pictures – or slideshow – will let your friends and family experience your excitement in a personal way.

#4 – Use A Social Networking Site

Social networking sites like Facebook have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. By announcing your engagement on these sites, your news can travel quickly to friends with whom you seldom speak but still treasure.

Telling your friends and family that you’ve recently become engaged lets them celebrate the experience with you. With a little creativity, you can make that experience more personal and enjoyable. If placing an ad in your local paper seems unimaginative, use the 4 innovative ideas above to spread the exciting news.

By Jill Renee, President of, a leading authority on wedding rings, engagement rings and fine jewelry. Danforth Diamond provides wisdom and advice to help you choose the right diamond, engagement or wedding ring at the right price. Visit or call 877.404.RING


Great Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day, Whether or Not You’re in Love

Please view this post on Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day on our new jewelry blog.

You Don’t Need a Valentine to Enjoy the Most Romantic Day of the Year

When you think of Valentine’s Day, typically your thoughts venture toward valentine gifts and all things heart-shaped – candies, chocolate, balloons, greeting cards, jewelry, etc. – and couples deeply in love gazing into each other’s eyes.

Because Valentine’s Day is for lovers, right?

Actually – no. Ladies, there is joy to be had on this infamous day of pink and red, no matter your “couples’ status.” Here are some fun ideas for the annual day of love that cover the spectrum of companionship: single, dating, committed relationship, or recent break-up. Continue reading

Save Big Bucks When Shopping on the Web

When shopping for gifts, whether for ourselves or someone else, all of us are looking to save a few dollars. No matter what you’re shopping for, from a diamond engagement ring for popping the question to a scarf for Grandma – you will save big bucks by shopping online.

The key to maximizing your savings is knowing where to look to find the best bargain. And comparison shopping, by visiting various websites, is the only way to go. Instead of fighting the hustle and bustle that comes with comparison shopping at various brick-and-mortar locations, you can find better pricing options and cover more stores with the click of your mouse.

In the past, shipping and handling fees may have deterred you from shopping online, but retailers have started minimizing or waving those fees for customers who spend a certain collar amount. And while major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Macy’s have online websites, you may be able to stretch your dollar further by shopping with other established, smaller E-tailers.

Here are some examples of price comparisons between different websites and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. Continue reading

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas She’ll Love

The spirit of the holiday season is a time when we attempt to extend a little more kindness to our fellow man (or woman), create memories with our families and express our love and gratitude through gifts. But finding that one Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend, fiancée or wife can be a daunting task when faced with the incredible number of options out there.

If you’re just stumped and can’t quite decide on what to give her, but you are looking for romantic Christmas gift ideas that will sweep her off of her feet, keep in mind that the best Christmas gift ideas require some time and effort on your part.

Here are some ideas that go beyond the impersonal gift certificate or typical scarf to get you thinking about some alternatives that may put a sparkle in her eye this Christmas.

A Christmas Engagement

There are few romantic Christmas gift ideas that can top getting engaged over the holidays. You are giving her the gift of your love and commitment, and her finger is decorated with a beautiful testament to your feelings for her. Continue reading

Memorable Proposals

A proposal should be the most romantic moment of a woman’s life. A man can use the proposal to prove his love and commitment to a long term relationship. Modern men have thought of some creative, and heart melting ways to propose. One man rode up to his bride, in a suit of armor and riding a white horse. Another man dressed as prince charming and proposed at Cinderella’s castle in Disney land. One remarkably clever man took his bride to be Geocacheing, scavenger hunting using a GPS unit. Guess what she found in the sand?

No matter what method you choose to propose, make sure that the memory will last forever. However, do not forget that the ring will last forever too. Designing an engagement ring ‘just for her’ is a precious reminder of your love that she will wear forever. Buying a ring at a local mall is not romantic. Choosing a heart shaped diamond and a band style from an online jeweler is romantic. She will never know that it only took a few minutes to choose the ring. Online stores sell higher quality diamond engagement rings for the same price as the bargain rings sold at a local jewelry store.

If you do not use the extra money to buy a better ring, consider buying a matching pendant or earrings. There is nothing more stylish than wearing matching jewelry. All through history, men used jewelry to express their love. It is a ‘love language’ that women can understand. The quality of jewelry a woman wears earns her the respect and admiration of her family and friends. Purchasing a diamond ring from a brick and mortar store costs as much as 40% more than buying on the Internet. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring or diamond earrings, be sure to check out internet stores like before making your purchase ­

Intimacy of Diamond Engagement Rings

Selecting a diamond ring for her is a daunting task. Most men wander down to the local jewelry store hoping to find something in their price range. This is a shortsighted mistake, which results in years of regret. A better way to search for the perfect diamond engagement ring is by shopping online.

Online stores carry diamond engagement and wedding rings from some of the world’s top jewelry artists at 30 – 40% less than the generic designs carried by local brick and mortar jewelry stores. The designs at online stores express the different personalities and artistic designs of the artists.

The look of wonder and excitement that brightens a woman’s face as an artistically designed ring slips on her finger remains in the memory for decades to come. A diamond engagement ring is a pledge of love. An artistically designed ring, one that set’s the ring apart from all the Bride’s friends and family member’s, is a gift that will remind her how much she is loved for years to come.

If you are looking to buy a diamond engagement ring or other diamond earrings, be sure to check out before making your jewelry purchase ¬ you will save money on a quality ring. You will also find some romantic ways of delivering the ring.

The way a diamond ring is presented is as vital to the magic of the moment as the ring itself. The new designs, where the band is not closed, lend themselves perfectly to weaving the stem of an orchid or calla lily through. These flowers are the ‘in’ flowers used by Wedding designers and planners.

Take a little time to think about how important the ring will be in the future, and then go to and read the romantic tips, and advice for avoiding proposal blunders. You’ll never regret it.

Romantic Proposal Ideas from Danforth Diamond

Great Customer Service from Danforth Diamond
Below is an actual correspondence with one of our visitors.


I am bringing my girlfriend to New York for St Patricks weekend next
month and I am hoping to propose.

I am just wondering do you have any suggestions on the top romantic
places to propose at? Or anything that could give me ideas?

She is expecting something but I truly want to surprise her. Your help
would be most grateful.
Name Removed wrote:

Your question has me thinking of all sorts of possibilities! I am
unsure of how familiar with the city that you and your girlfriend are or
what your budget is but I will give you a few suggestions.

For a romantic dinner The Rainbow Room at the top of Rockefeller Center
has awesome veiws and dancing. It is expensive. You should call and ask about price; if there is a band the
night you want to go, and request a window table.

Another choice is Tavern On the Green…this place is really something all
glass and mirrors with veiws of central park. I do not have the phone
number but you can get it from inforrmation or your hotel. Be sure to call
for a table by the window. This is also expensive.
If you go the romantic dinner route plan ahead with the waiter and use one
of our ideas from the website on how to present the ring.

Other ideas..if its still cold ice skating at Rockefeller can
have hot chocolate in the restaurant and watch the skaters if you do not
actually want to skate.

A carriage ride through Central Park…make sure to talk with your hotel
and try and pick out a driver ahead of time to let him know your plans.
This could be really romantic.

Let me know if any of these ideas appeal to you. I can help you flush the
plan out more if I know what direction you want to go. Be sure to remember
the St. Patty’s parade will be on March 17th on 5th avenue. All the best
of luck and please let me know how things work out, Jill Renee at Danforth you need help with a engagement ring?? We have a great selection of high
quality rings at great prices.

Hi Jill,
Thank you very much for all your useful ideas! They were all great and
nothing I could have thought of myself.

I have gone with your first idea The Rainbow Room and will be booking
same for the 17th March. I will let you know what her answer is!

Again thanks a million for all the tips.
Name Removed