Things Every Bride Should Avoid

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The months leading up to your wedding day quickly turn into weeks. The weeks turn into days and before you know it, your wedding is right around the corner. That’s when the planning shifts into high gear and the stress begins to take its toll. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities to reduce your stress and the frustration of those around you (including your fiance!). Below, we’ll share 3 mistakes that you should take care to avoid.

#1 – Not Enlisting Your Friends

Planning a wedding is an enormous task. Without the help of your friends, managing the hundreds of small details can become overwhelming. A lot of brides take it upon themselves to micromanage the entire process; they feel that’s the only way they can preserve their vision for a “perfect” wedding. Inevitably, as the clock counts down to the big day, stress levels skyrocket.

Ask your friends for help. Not only will doing so allow you to relax, but chances are, they’d love to give you a hand.

#2 – Obsessing Over Being Copied

You’re excited about your dress and show pictures of it to one of your engaged friends. Before you know it, she’s planning to wear the same dress at her wedding – weeks before your own! Whether it’s your gown, favors, flowers, or another feature of your big day, being copied can raise anyone’s temper.

Before picking up the phone and giving your friend a piece of your mind, think about ways in which you can add a personal touch to your own plans. For example, she may have copied your idea for your gown, but are there ways to spruce yours up? Also, you can limit the damage by keeping your lips sealed until your wedding day.

#3 – Trying To Drop Pounds Quickly

Maybe you’re a few pounds over your ideal weight. So, in a fit of optimism and determination, you decide to buy a wedding dress that will fit your body perfectly… as long as you drop 15 pounds. Even though you may be able to shed enough weight to fit into your gown, is it worth the effort? First, rapid weight loss make you feel tired and irritable. Second, it’s not entirely healthy to drop the pounds so quickly.

Purchase a dress that looks great on your current body. Ideally, your trips to the gym should focus on staying toned and trim. If you drop a few pounds in the process, your gown can be easily altered.

The planning that takes place before your big day will be physically and emotionally demanding. Take care not to create more stress for yourself than necessary. Ask your friends for help, don’t worry about being copied, and forget about crash dieting. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but so will everyone around you.


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