Harmony Recycled Metals for Jewelry

What Is HARMONY? (a personal message from Jill Renee, President of Danforth Diamond)

Danforth Wedding Jewelry is Refined, Not Mined! When you buy an engagement ring or wedding ring from Danforth Diamond, you are supporting the global effort to preserve our planet’s future.

From recycling newspapers to choosing the right light bulbs, being green and buying green are responsible choices that will help save the planet and its resources. You can be green with your jewelry choices, too!

Danforth Diamond’s Commitment to the Earth

In a business where all of our products come from the Earth, the jewelry industry relies heavily upon mining companies to generate source materials for their products. The sad fact is — mining is a very “dirty” business and the production of one beautiful gold ring will generate five tons of environmental waste, contaminating water and lands which endangers the health and lives of humans and animals.

Danforth Diamond will NOT play a role in the Earth’s destruction just to create beautiful jewelry. Instead of sourcing our metal from mines (like some of our competitors), we choose instead to HELP PRESERVE THE PLANET by creating our product line from the HARMONY brand of recycled metals.

HARMONY Recycled Precious Metals™ share the exquisite beauty of mined metals, but HARMONY Metals™ are 100% recycled (through the environmentally-friendly process of refining precious metal scrap).*

The 100% recycled guarantee comes backed up by the Certificate of Authenticity, which we proudly display on our website, as an Authorized Dealer of HARMONY Metals™.

Additionally, all of the diamonds offered on our website are ethically sourced and conflict-free. We support the Kimberly Process and will not buy or sell “blood diamonds“.

Do Your Part to Save the Earth and Buy Eco-Friendly Jewelry from Danforth Diamond!

Be sure to look for the HARMONY logo throughout our website when choosing your diamond engagement ring. Please note that all items made with HARMONY Recycled Precious Metals™ will come shipped to you with the official HARMONY Mini-Certification Card.


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