Your Diamond Personality

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, ladies. The beloved diamond engagement ring. The starting point for the transition from the boyfriend/girlfriend journey to marital bliss.

Let’s face it – we’ve been admiring the beauty and brilliance of diamonds since we were little girls. But do you know your diamond personality? Given that you’re going to be wearing this ring for the rest of your life, you want to be careful about what type of ring your request from your beau.

In Randi Molofsky’s book, A Girls’ Guide to Buying Diamonds, he offers advice for women on finding the right diamond ring. With the trend of women buying the right-hand diamond ring for themselves, the purchase of the diamond ring is no longer restricted to couples on the road to marriage. His book is a great resource whether you’re buying the ring for yourself, or you’re helping your significant other choose a ring for you.

Check out this article on, “Find the Perfect Diamonds for Your Personality”, that matches personality types with different types of diamonds. As diamonds are a girl’s best friend, you want to make sure that your best friend is one you’ll want to keep around for a lifetime, right? This is a fun article.

Find the Perfect Diamonds for Your Personality

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and just as you gravitate towards friends that complement your personality and style, so you would your diamonds. Here, from the book A Girl’s Guide to Buying Diamonds, discover how to choose and wear diamonds and jewels that enhance your own unique style and personality

The five sample personalities outlined here are merely guidelines. Don’t be afraid to take advice from multiple columns when it comes to choosing different components for your diamond jewellery. Don’t forget: jewellery you choose for yourself should reflect a little something of your personality. Signature pieces have long defined the world’s most stylish women from Elizabeth Taylor (the Taylor-Burton diamond) and Jackie O (Jean Schlumberger bracelets) to Coco Chanel (long, layered strands of pearls).

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