Don’t Wait for Him to Propose

Okay, ladies – if the Women’s Lib Movement was supposed to help us gain equality with men, why are so many of us still waiting around for him to propose?

Now, there are inevitable inequalities between the sexes: Men can’t have babies (yet) and women can’t easily write their name in the snow by emptying their bladder.

The marriage proposal, however, is no longer solely assigned to the would-be groom. Today, women can propose just as easily as men can, and doing so does not carry the social stigma that it once did.

So if you’re thinking about it, here’s some general advice for proposing to the man you want to grow old with.

How to Propose to a Man

Thank heavens women are no longer hampered by the old fashioned ideas of the past. Today’s woman can propose to a man without being labeled “shameless” or “desperate”! How she goes about that proposal is critical to the outcome, so we have provided some valuable tips on how to propose to a man to ensure that your man responds with an enthusiastic yes when you propose.

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One response to “Don’t Wait for Him to Propose

  1. I have met a man whom I want to spend the rest of m,y life with, and I am willing to wait for him to be completely comfortable with asking ME to marry him…..I know that if it were up to me completely, I would be asking HIM, however, I want to go throught the tradition of having the man ask me instead of the women asking,,,as I never had the experience before, that is not to say that I do not think it is a bad idea for a woman to do the proposing…I think it is a great leap forward in getting things rolling if the male counterpart in the relationship has not initiated the steps towards nuptual bliss, however, I would venture to guess that most ladies want to go through the excitement and surprise of being courted and asked to be a future bride…..I would suggest to any woman who makes the choice to be the one to ask her man to get wed, that she have a clear understanding that he will not feel left out and have a choice taken away from him. Far be it from me to make a sexist deal out of planning to be married, however it may just be stealing the thunder of her beloved if she does not understand him well enough to know if her future husband may prefer to be the one doing the asking. On the other hand, it may take a great deal of pressure off of the guy’s shoulders with him exclaiming hallelujah!
    I commend all women out there who choose to be the ones to get down on their knees and do the asking, bravo! for me, though, it will be the great joy of my life to have my man be the one who will ask me to be his wife, and I am awaiting that day, with great hope and anticipation as it is going to be unexpected, and such a treat for me, as I respect him, trust his sensibility, and will rely on his judgement for when that day is to come. For all of my female comrades ready to pop the question, you go girls, and I wish you all the very best with your grooms to be…..