Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

This is a post from a fellow blogger, rating her experience with

Take a look at these Diamond Engagement Rings and tell me if you’ve ever seen a selection of 18k yellow gold rings in a store that allowed you to choose the arrangement, diamond shape, and carat, for a price this low. I must have spent 1/2 hour learning about diamonds, looking at all the terms, for clarity, brightness, color – I never new that yellow diamonds were flawed. I always thought the yellow ones were more expensive.

I will admit that I looked at the stone in my engagement ring, to compare the quality my husband bought me ten years ago. Of course it was beautiful – what can you expect from a Welshman. But, if he knew of this site then I would have had something stunning. Not only is the price 30 – 40% less than in ‘brick and mortar’ stores, but they let you choose your diamond by size, quality, brightness, carat, and price. You just keeps selecting what you want until you are at the page that has your diamond on it. I must admit that it made me wonder if a couple other pieces of my diamond jewelry were not quite up to the grade the sales clerk promised.

There is also a great selection of other diamond jewelry on their site.

It could be because I am a woman and love diamond. It could be the guarantee, low price, and free shipping. It could be that I found a couple potential gifts for myself, but I had to rate Danforth a ten on my scale.


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