Which Engagement Ring Design Best Suits Her Style?

Choosing an engagement ring

The first consideration when choosing an engagement ring style is your loved one’s lifestyle.

Is she very active? Will her engagement ring need to stand up to an adventurous lifestyle of mountain climbing?

If your beloved is very active, you should probably stay away from stone shapes that are easily chipped or broken. Pear and Marquise shaped diamonds contain points that can easily chip. High settings are also more inclined to suffer damage from hitting hard surfaces and catching on everyday objects and clothing.

However, if your fiancé has her heart set on a shape or style of ring that is among the more fragile and she has an active lifestyle, make sure you order a “V-end” prong setting which will protect the points of the diamond.

Determine How It Will Look On Her Hand
Are her hands small, and are her fingers short? Or does she have a long and slender hand? These are questions you will need to consider when choosing your engagement ring style.

Pick The Diamond Shape that’s Right for Her

A broad banded ring will not flatter a small hand with short fingers, however, it will balance the proportion of a long slender fingered hand. A small ring will make a larger hand appear bigger and most women do not like that! Hand size and proportion are very important when deciding on the engagement ring. Take a good look at your loved one’s hand and decide what size of engagement ring will look best. You can still choose from all of the styles, but you must keep proportion in mind.

Finally, remember that you will purchase a wedding band to be given on the day of your marriage. It is important that the engagement ring and wedding band complement one another. We offer a wide variety of wedding rings with matching engagement rings to make this process effortless.


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