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I am bringing my girlfriend to New York for St Patricks weekend next
month and I am hoping to propose.

I am just wondering do you have any suggestions on the top romantic
places to propose at? Or anything that could give me ideas?

She is expecting something but I truly want to surprise her. Your help
would be most grateful.
Name Removed wrote:

Your question has me thinking of all sorts of possibilities! I am
unsure of how familiar with the city that you and your girlfriend are or
what your budget is but I will give you a few suggestions.

For a romantic dinner The Rainbow Room at the top of Rockefeller Center
has awesome veiws and dancing. It is expensive. You should call and ask about price; if there is a band the
night you want to go, and request a window table.

Another choice is Tavern On the Green…this place is really something all
glass and mirrors with veiws of central park. I do not have the phone
number but you can get it from inforrmation or your hotel. Be sure to call
for a table by the window. This is also expensive.
If you go the romantic dinner route plan ahead with the waiter and use one
of our ideas from the website on how to present the ring.

Other ideas..if its still cold ice skating at Rockefeller can
have hot chocolate in the restaurant and watch the skaters if you do not
actually want to skate.

A carriage ride through Central Park…make sure to talk with your hotel
and try and pick out a driver ahead of time to let him know your plans.
This could be really romantic.

Let me know if any of these ideas appeal to you. I can help you flush the
plan out more if I know what direction you want to go. Be sure to remember
the St. Patty’s parade will be on March 17th on 5th avenue. All the best
of luck and please let me know how things work out, Jill Renee at Danforth you need help with a engagement ring?? We have a great selection of high
quality rings at great prices.

Hi Jill,
Thank you very much for all your useful ideas! They were all great and
nothing I could have thought of myself.

I have gone with your first idea The Rainbow Room and will be booking
same for the 17th March. I will let you know what her answer is!

Again thanks a million for all the tips.
Name Removed


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