A man’s guide to buying jewelry

Need help deciding on how to buy jewelry? If you are a man, the answer is probably yes.

If you are buying jewelry for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, ask yourself: Would you buy a plasma TV without doing research?

Now, ask yourself: Have you ever put that much thought into buying jewelry?

You probably know as much about buying jewelry as you do about rocket science.

Take these tips from Pensacola jewelry designer and metalsmith Rocky Hard, owner of Rock Hard Designs, to ensure your sweetie will squeal with delight on Valentine’s Day.

Look at what she’s wearing. “Is she wearing yellow gold? White gold?” Hard said. “Does she like colored stones?”

Another place to look is her jewelry box. But beware, there might be pieces in there that she hasn’t worn in years or doesn’t particularly like. Try to take note of the items she wears frequently.

When snooping, look for her ring size and try to determine the necklace length she prefers. Need a ring sizer, you can order a free ring sizer at DanforthDiamon.com

Also, look for items that could use a complementary piece. If she has a pearl necklace, but no earrings to match, maybe that’s your perfect gift.

Ask around. If you’re still confused, it never hurts to ask for help from her mother, sister, best friend or even her jeweler if she’s a regular at the store. They should be able to clue you in on her likes and dislikes.

Do your homework. Know, without a doubt, what her birthstone is if you’re planning to buy a birthstone piece. Educate yourself about jewelry quality and craftsmanship so you can purchase something that will last.

Choose a reputable jeweler. If you aren’t experienced with buying jewelry, you’ll want to make sure that you buy from someone who isn’t going to rip you off. Be sure to shop around for price and service. Go with someone who is willing to spend time helping you decide.

“Don’t fall for the sales,” Hard said. “The reality is, the price of diamonds and gold is fixed because of demand. … You can’t just go out and get it for nothing.”



One response to “A man’s guide to buying jewelry

  1. Thanks for the tips here, its tricky business trying to get out of a woman exactly what she likes. One of the best ways I sought was to go into a jewelers with her and pretend to be only interested in the watches and while walking out stop and have a glace at the diamond rings, usually she will point out a hand full that she really likes.
    Try to be subtle though…
    Good article!