Engagement Ring Styles

Choosing the style of your engagement ring can be a daunting decision. Read about the different styles that are available.

Solitaire – Refers to a ring with one diamond or other gemstone. It will often be extended to mean a piece of jewelry with one important diamond or gemstone in the center and accent stones on each side. Solitaires are made by two distinct manufacturing processes.

Rings with Side Stones – Most of the popular diamond cuts are used as side stones on bridal rings. Included in this group are baguettes, tapered baguette, round, trillion and oval. These are used to enhance the center stone and not detract from it.

Cathedral Mounting – Ring setting that arches when seen from the side. Cathedral rings have projections on each side of the stone and these design elements are what gives this ring it’s name. They are inspired by the arches that supported the walls of early cathedrals. Just as these arches were a distinctive and important design element in architecture, the graceful projections on our cathedral rings add support and protection to the setting. They also give the ring its classic and unique look.

Bypass – A ring design in which the two sides of the band do not meet in a straight line, but “bypass” one another.

Three Stone – Three stone rings are popular for both engagement rings and anniversaries. A general rule is that the side diamonds must be at least 25% as large as the center.

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