Buying a Diamond: 4 Cs: Cut

Diamond Cut

Cut does not mean shape. It refers to the angles and proportions a skilled craftsman creates in transforming a rough diamond into a polished diamond. The cut of a diamond is especially important because it has the most effect on the fire, or brilliance. A poor cut will make the diamond look dull even with excellent color and clarity. We only carry the higher cut qualities so that you don’t have to worry about picking a poorly cut diamond.

Cut – Why it’s Important

Nature dictates the characteristics of color, clarity and carat, while humans directly influence the cut. Cut refers to the angles and proportions (not diamond shape) a skilled craftsman creates in transforming a rough diamond into a polished diamond. The cutter must polish tiny surfaces known as facets onto the rough diamond. This process also creates the diamond parts known as the crown, culet, table, girdle and pavilion. A well cut diamond will internally reflect light from one mirror-like facet to another, dispersing and reflecting it through the top of the stone. This results in a display of fire or brilliance in the diamond.

Ideal Cut Diamond – Nearly all light that enters the stone is reflected out of the top, designed to maximize brilliance.

Shallow Cut Diamond – Light will be lost out of the bottom or sides causing the diamond to lose its fire or brilliance.

Deep Cut Diamond – Light will travel out of the bottom or sides making the stone look dark and dull.

Of the “4 C’s,” the cut of a diamond is the most important factor in its overall appearance. In addition, because it’s the only one of the 4 C’s that relies on the precision of human hands, it also is the one to which the value of your diamond will be most closely tied.

Once you’ve identified your budget, start by choosing the proper cut – and don’t look back. By choosing the most brilliant cut possible, you will have the most flexibility in tailoring the grades of the other 4 C’s to fit your budget without compromising the beauty of the stone.

Also, note that cut and shape are not the same thing. Shape refers to the outward appearance of the diamond; round, emerald, heart, marquise, princess, oval or pear. A round diamond is the most brilliant of diamond shapes. Its symmetrical outline allows it to reflect nearly all of the light that enters the diamond.

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