Best Value Purchasing A Diamond Engagement Ring

Tips on Getting the Best Value for your Diamond Engagement Ring

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Purchasing your diamond engagement ring from Danforth Diamond insures that you have gotten a high quality product at a very competitive price. We are able to offer you settings that are crafted by tradesmen who have decades of jewelry manufacturing experience. Our settings are built to last a lifetime. We only use precious metals and good or better diamonds. We will not sell anything that does not meet our high standards. We back this up with our no hassle return policy so just by buying your ring from us you can rest assured that you will be getting an exceptional value. Here are some other factors to consider when making your selection:

In selecting your diamond, compare the price with diamonds of the same shape, size, color, cut, and clarity. This is critical when comparison shopping. Remember all other factors being equal; a poorly cut diamond may cost 50% less than a diamond with a good or ideal cut. This is because a poorly cut diamond will lack fire and sparkle.

Make sure your diamond is securely set. If your diamond is not properly set the chance of loss greatly increases. All of our diamonds are set by experienced jewelers and are inspected before leaving our shop. We use 18K white gold or platinum settings. These choices stand up to wear and tear and prevent prong failure.

Is your setting comfortable and smooth when you are wearing it? Well made settings will be polished resulting in a smooth finish and comfortable fit. All of our settings are polished to a high luster and have a comfort fit for the wearer.

In selecting your engagement ring setting be sure to compare the cost of settings made from the same precious metal. Platinum settings will cost more than gold and 18K gold will cost more than 14K gold. Pay close attention to the gold or platinum content. A setting with a higher weight (precious metal content) will cost more than a setting with a lighter weight.

Have your ring appraised and insured. Most of our rings come with a certificate and appraisal. We strongly recommend insuring your ring and taking a photo of it to be stored in a secure location. This will help in case of accidental loss or theft.

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