How to Find Her Ring Size

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A great deal of thought goes into the preparations required to make your proposal unique, memorable and error-free. In most cases, months are spent selecting the engagement ring, coordinating the exact place and time of the proposal, and rehearsing the words that come closest to expressing what the heart feels on the day the question is finally asked. And just like the glass slipper in Cinderella, the ring must fit to confirm that you are indeed the handsome prince she has been waiting for.

Finding the ring size of your bride-to-be without making your intention to propose obvious can require imagination, ingenuity and a stroke of luck. Having a ring she currently wears on her ring finger can ease the burden, but most women keep their ring finger sacred and free of jewelry that would provide an exact ring size. To help, we provide the following list which contains a few sneaky ways to figure out what the size of her ring finger is.

Trust In Friends To Help

Most of those close to you and your bride-to-be are more than happy to help you on your quest to find her ring size. Think about her best friends, coworkers, and even her mom to get the ring size information. This can easily be done if they allow her to try on their rings, go window shopping for jewelry, or have them simply ask.

Covertly Capture the Ring’s Size

If you are fortunate enough to have a bride-to-be that enjoys jewelry, then make it a point to “borrow” a ring-finger ring once it is removed. In some cases, the wearer won’t notice that the ring is missing if it’s only gone for a few hours while you’re having the jeweler obtain its size. However, if the ring-finger jewelry is only removed for brief periods (such as while showering), a model or imprint will have to do. To capture the ring’s size, simply trace the inner circle of the ring on a piece of paper or make an imprint of the ring in a soft material such as soap, clay or bread and return the ring to its former location. In this way, a measurement can be made without the physical ring being present.

Use Paper or a String to Guess the Ring

If your bride-to-be is a heavy sleeper, then it may be possible to wrap a thin strip of paper around her finger and mark where the paper overlaps itself. This method will provide a fairly accurate ring size. A twist could also be to tie a string to her finger to make sure she does forget something you deem important. Insist on having the string tied to the ring-finger, and when it is removed pocket the string. This is crafty and works best on a very unsuspecting bride-to-be.

Bring It Up in Group Conversation

If all else fails, then simply comment (or have your friend comment) on a ring that belongs to someone else. This may get the ring size conversation going in your direction. Fabricate as necessary by talking about the similarities of the ring in question with your (mother’s / grandmother’s/ sister’s) ring; ask what size it is and if you can see it; allow your bride-to-be to try it on; comment on the stones; anything to get the ring conversation going. You don’t have to get the exact size now; you can subtly revisit and finish the discussion at a later time when the two of you are alone.

Both you and your bride-to-be deserve perfection from start to finish, and hopefully, these tips will help you to make sure the engagement ring is sized perfectly. By taking the time to secure the right ring size you open up more options on your ring selection and ensure that she is showing off her engagement ring immediately following the proposal. The time spent finding out the right ring size is sure to pay off big dividends on your proposal day.


Bride Guide to Sanity

By Jill Renee, President of, a leading authority on diamonds, fine jewelry, and engagement rings. Danforth Diamond provides wisdom and advice to help you choose the right ring at the right price. Visit or call 877.404.RING

Getting engaged comes with rights. For example, as a soon-to-be bride, you have the right to plan your wedding according to your own vision. As long as a particular feature fits into the budget, it’s fair game. The danger is that you might immerse yourself so deeply in the details that you start obsessing about everything. Ultimately, the obsession leads to stress and frustration which can siphon the fun out of the planning process.

Today, we’ll help you maintain your sanity by providing some useful advice to follow during your engagement. You’ll find the following tips have a common theme: loosening your grip on the reins.

Give Your Bridesmaids Flexibility

You might be tempted to plan every last detail of your bridesmaids’ outfits, especially if doing so will make you look better at the altar. But, that can cause potential problems. First, even though your bridesmaids expect to wear the dress that you select for them, they’ll want flexibility with their shoes, makeup, and hair. It may be your right as a bride-to-be to demand their compliance, but they won’t like it. Second, the more details you nitpick, the more likely you’ll lose your perspective.

Let Others Handle The Rehearsal Dinner

Traditionally, the responsibility of organizing the rehearsal dinner has fallen on others’ shoulders. In most cases, you won’t be involved (other than showing up and enjoying the attention, of course). What’s more, everyone who attends understands that you played no part in putting it together. That means the style, decor, food, and other features won’t be associated with your tastes.

The parents of the groom will often take the reins in arranging the rehearsal dinner. If they ask for your advice, provide it. Otherwise, sit back and let them handle the details. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Plan Your Wedding Dress Around Your Normal Weight

Most of us can afford to shed one or two extra pounds. But, launching a “do or die” weight loss regimen for the sole purpose of squeezing into your wedding gown is a mistake. It takes a lot out of you. Crash diets can be physically and emotionally exhausting. While you may look good standing at the altar, there’s also a chance you’ll be hungry, cranky, and unable to enjoy yourself. Not savoring your big day would be a shame.

Giving Up Control And Relaxing

You want everything to be perfect, of course. And often, it seems like the only way to get things done is to do it yourself. But, there lies the road to pre-wedding insanity. Do yourself (and everyone else) a favor. Loosen your grip on the wedding planning reins and let yourself enjoy your engagement. You’ll feel more relaxed and happier around the people you love. And in the end, that might prove more enjoyable than a “perfect” wedding day.

Canadian Diamonds Now Featured in Danforth Diamond Engagement Rings

Conflict-free diamonds and recycled metal jewelry give shoppers options for Earth Day and every day.

Canadian diamonds are now available at Danforth Diamond, one of the Internet’s leading diamond engagement ring sources. Their database of loose diamonds now features Canadian diamonds that can be placed in one of their Harmony diamond engagement ring settings or purchased for a pre-existing ring setting.

With concerns about funding violence in Africa through “blood diamonds,” Canada has become a source of socially-responsible diamonds in recent years becoming the world’s third-largest producer of diamonds. These conflict-free diamonds are mined in remote areas of the northern territories of Canada.
Canadian diamond engagement rings can be made to your specifications through Danforth Diamond by selecting the cut, carat, color and clarity of your Canadian diamond and then paring it with a Harmony ring setting. First, search for a diamond using the Search for Diamonds function. One of the Report fields in the search is “Canadian”. After reviewing the details of a diamond, add it to a ring and select from Danforth Diamonds’ expansive collection of Harmony solitaire settings, three-stone settings, and settings that feature other gemstones. Pairing a Canadian diamond with a Harmony engagement ring setting results in the most eco-friendly engagement ring available.

“Our current and potential customers email us with questions and special requests,” said Jill Renee, president of Danforth Diamond. “We’ve received a number of customer requests for Canadian diamonds for their wedding jewelry. We had a few diamond suppliers from Canada but this prompted us to explore new vendors.”

Whether Canadian in origin or not, Danforth Diamond only receives its diamonds from sources that adhere to the Kimberley Process, whereby a diamond’s origins are tracked in order to ensure it has not contributed to the violence that plagues much of the diamond industry in Africa. Using conflict-free diamonds is part of Danforth Diamond’s commitment to the earth and its inhabitant.

Ethical and eco-friendly engagement rings are exclusively available at Danforth Diamond by paring Canadian diamonds with Harmony recycled precious metals. An alternative to mining new metal, Harmony takes precious metal from old jewelry, jewelry scrap, and metal from industrial uses and recycles them to make new jewelry pieces. Providing a recycled metal jewelry option increases Danforth Diamond’s ability to give their customers environmentally responsible jewelry at an affordable price.

Jill Renee added, “Earth Day is coming on April 22 and each year more individuals and businesses become actively involved in taking care of the planet and its inhabitants. As a company, Danforth Diamond continues to look for innovative ways to provide earth-friendly and green diamond engagement rings and other jewelry.”

About Danforth Diamond
Danforth Diamond is a leading online engagement ring jeweler specializing in platinum and palladium diamond engagement rings. Their jewelry collection features options that fit every style and budget – from simple anniversary gifts to stunning bridal jewelry. Visit Danforth Diamond online to learn more at:

Information provided by Danforth Diamond, your engagement ring experts. Visit us at or call us at 1-877-404-RING.

Announce Your Engagement

Once you’ve gotten over the initial excitement of getting engaged, you’ll need to tell your friends and family. In the past, a lot of couples announced their engagement by buying an ad in their local newspaper. It was an efficient way to spread the news quickly. However, if you’re willing to take the road less traveled, you can add a bit of creativity to your announcement. Below, we’ll give you 4 innovative ways to announce your new status as soon-to-be-married.

#1 – Plan A Surprise Party

If you and your partner can keep a secret, organize a get-together at which you surprise your guests with the news of your engagement. If you host parties frequently, this can be an ideal way to get the word out. Your closest friends will be accustomed to your hosting get-togethers and won’t have any idea about the announcement. Whether you reserve a private room at a posh local restaurant or host it at home, a little champagne with your exciting news can pave the way for a fun evening.

#2 – Start An Engagement Blog

A blog can be a great way to keep your family and friends informed about your engagement. It’s also an ideal tool for detailing your plans for your upcoming wedding. Not only can you use it to announce your new status, your blog can also provide a chronological account of the entire planning process. You can post pictures that show you and your fiance traveling together, or your bridesmaids helping out with the wedding details. Plus, everyone in your network can meet each other through leaving comments and responding to each other on your blog.

#3 – Create An Online Photo Album

Armed with a digital camera, you can capture memorable moments throughout your engagement and post them online. Websites such as Flickr and Shutterfly will let you upload your pictures and use them to create an attractive slideshow. Include photos of your fiance’s proposal, places you’re visiting together before the wedding, and other activities. Your pictures – or slideshow – will let your friends and family experience your excitement in a personal way.

#4 – Use A Social Networking Site

Social networking sites like Facebook have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. By announcing your engagement on these sites, your news can travel quickly to friends with whom you seldom speak but still treasure.

Telling your friends and family that you’ve recently become engaged lets them celebrate the experience with you. With a little creativity, you can make that experience more personal and enjoyable. If placing an ad in your local paper seems unimaginative, use the 4 innovative ideas above to spread the exciting news.

By Jill Renee, President of, a leading authority on wedding rings, engagement rings and fine jewelry. Danforth Diamond provides wisdom and advice to help you choose the right diamond, engagement or wedding ring at the right price. Visit or call 877.404.RING

Things Every Bride Should Avoid

By Jill Renee, President of, a leading authority on diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry. Danforth Diamond provides wisdom and advice to help you choose the right ring at the right price. Visit or call 877.404.RING

The months leading up to your wedding day quickly turn into weeks. The weeks turn into days and before you know it, your wedding is right around the corner. That’s when the planning shifts into high gear and the stress begins to take its toll. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities to reduce your stress and the frustration of those around you (including your fiance!). Below, we’ll share 3 mistakes that you should take care to avoid.

#1 – Not Enlisting Your Friends

Planning a wedding is an enormous task. Without the help of your friends, managing the hundreds of small details can become overwhelming. A lot of brides take it upon themselves to micromanage the entire process; they feel that’s the only way they can preserve their vision for a “perfect” wedding. Inevitably, as the clock counts down to the big day, stress levels skyrocket.

Ask your friends for help. Not only will doing so allow you to relax, but chances are, they’d love to give you a hand.

#2 – Obsessing Over Being Copied

You’re excited about your dress and show pictures of it to one of your engaged friends. Before you know it, she’s planning to wear the same dress at her wedding – weeks before your own! Whether it’s your gown, favors, flowers, or another feature of your big day, being copied can raise anyone’s temper.

Before picking up the phone and giving your friend a piece of your mind, think about ways in which you can add a personal touch to your own plans. For example, she may have copied your idea for your gown, but are there ways to spruce yours up? Also, you can limit the damage by keeping your lips sealed until your wedding day.

#3 – Trying To Drop Pounds Quickly

Maybe you’re a few pounds over your ideal weight. So, in a fit of optimism and determination, you decide to buy a wedding dress that will fit your body perfectly… as long as you drop 15 pounds. Even though you may be able to shed enough weight to fit into your gown, is it worth the effort? First, rapid weight loss make you feel tired and irritable. Second, it’s not entirely healthy to drop the pounds so quickly.

Purchase a dress that looks great on your current body. Ideally, your trips to the gym should focus on staying toned and trim. If you drop a few pounds in the process, your gown can be easily altered.

The planning that takes place before your big day will be physically and emotionally demanding. Take care not to create more stress for yourself than necessary. Ask your friends for help, don’t worry about being copied, and forget about crash dieting. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but so will everyone around you.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

All of the diamonds offered on our web site are ethically sourced and conflict-free. We support the Kimberley Process and will not buy or sell conflict or “blood” diamonds. Each diamond cutter we work with must obtain their diamonds exclusively from legitimate sources, and fully comply with the Kimberley Process requirements. We will continue to support and promote any process that works to uphold legitimacy in the diamond trade. Danforth Diamond is a registered Jeweler.

What are Conflict Diamonds?

In many African countries, including Angola, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), illegally mined diamonds have been, and continue to be linked to terrible human rights abuses. Well financed insurgent groups have carried out horrible atrocities against civilians, and similar acts of violence by unscrupulous governments who are equally brutal.

In addition, concerns have mounted over links between conflict diamonds and money laundering by groups like Al-Qaeda.

To combat this international problem, was the formation of the Kimberley Process, a joint governmental diamond industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme is an innovative, voluntary system that imposes extensive requirements on Participants to certify that shipments or rough diamonds are free from conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process is composed of 43 Participants, including the European Community. The Kimberley Process Participants account for approximately 99.8% of the global production of rough diamonds.

In April 2003, President Bush passed a bill adopting the Kimberley Process that requires all U.S. diamond retailers to buy diamonds from manufacturers who have the proper documentation and assuring that their merchandise was obtained through legitimate channels. The U.S. Customs service is responsible for enforcing the Kimberley Process as diamonds enter American ports.

Danforth Diamond supports the Kimberley Process. Each diamond cutter we work with must obtain their diamonds exclusively from legitimate sources, and fully comply with the Kimberley Process requirements. We will continue to support and promote any process that works to uphold legitimacy in the diamond trade.

Learn more about conflict diamonds at, and find out how you can help stop “blood diamonds” by visiting

Harmony Recycled Metals for Jewelry

What Is HARMONY? (a personal message from Jill Renee, President of Danforth Diamond)

Danforth Wedding Jewelry is Refined, Not Mined! When you buy an engagement ring or wedding ring from Danforth Diamond, you are supporting the global effort to preserve our planet’s future.

From recycling newspapers to choosing the right light bulbs, being green and buying green are responsible choices that will help save the planet and its resources. You can be green with your jewelry choices, too!

Danforth Diamond’s Commitment to the Earth

In a business where all of our products come from the Earth, the jewelry industry relies heavily upon mining companies to generate source materials for their products. The sad fact is — mining is a very “dirty” business and the production of one beautiful gold ring will generate five tons of environmental waste, contaminating water and lands which endangers the health and lives of humans and animals.

Danforth Diamond will NOT play a role in the Earth’s destruction just to create beautiful jewelry. Instead of sourcing our metal from mines (like some of our competitors), we choose instead to HELP PRESERVE THE PLANET by creating our product line from the HARMONY brand of recycled metals.

HARMONY Recycled Precious Metals™ share the exquisite beauty of mined metals, but HARMONY Metals™ are 100% recycled (through the environmentally-friendly process of refining precious metal scrap).*

The 100% recycled guarantee comes backed up by the Certificate of Authenticity, which we proudly display on our website, as an Authorized Dealer of HARMONY Metals™.

Additionally, all of the diamonds offered on our website are ethically sourced and conflict-free. We support the Kimberly Process and will not buy or sell “blood diamonds“.

Do Your Part to Save the Earth and Buy Eco-Friendly Jewelry from Danforth Diamond!

Be sure to look for the HARMONY logo throughout our website when choosing your diamond engagement ring. Please note that all items made with HARMONY Recycled Precious Metals™ will come shipped to you with the official HARMONY Mini-Certification Card.